Noble Axel Gear [White Version] by CocoaMint (critique requested)

Noble Axel Gear [White Version] (critique requested)


3 November 2018 at 20:15:11 MDT

Noble Axel Gear [Purple Version]:
Noble Axel Gear [Red Version]:

I'm finally done! And I provide you all three different color versions of this costume as well!

Aaaaah Axel Gear... you truly are fascinating... as a nightmare to draw! And stop changing your hair color in every game you fucking hair dyeing freak! What's next? Pink? Blue? Rainbow? Glitter? Mohawk style? Bald?
....Actually... no. No. Let's not go down this route. I don't want to give anyone ideas.


All jokes aside I like to draw Axel Gear in a more noble attire. He is a cool antagonist/villain/rival that has probably a very good taste in fashion... when he's not busy playing a warmonger and stealing Sparkster's spotlight.

I took a simple turn on the outfit as this was more an experiment. I wanted to see what could suit him the best. I had a lot of ideas in my mind but somehow I just wanted to stay with the final design I went with.
If I ever decide to make a Reference Sheet of Axel Gear in all costumes that could fit him then I will refine the details some more.
The costume itself was inspired by Lloyd Irwing from Namco's Tales of Symphonia Series. I fell in love with his noble costume. It looked so simple yet so perfect!

Rocket Knight Franchise | Axel Gear © Konami
Artwork © CocoaMint CocoaMint
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