[RK x GS] Armor and Chasm by CocoaMint (critique requested)

[RK x GS] Armor and Chasm (critique requested)


23 October 2017 at 20:01:03 MDT

Sketch/Lineart Version: http://fav.me/dd6l40v

Fan Character/Original Character #1: Armadur "Armor" Maguerrero.

Thanks to MetalByakko for helping me out with the Character Profile.

~ Character Information:
Name: Armadur Maguerrero / アルマデュラ・マゲレロ Armadur Maguerrero (JP)
Nickname/s: Armor (by everyone), big fella (by Namid), big guy (by Sparkster and Axel), Mr. Strongman (by Priscilla)
Age: 21
Species: Armadillo
Gender: Male
Attitude: Good
Adept Type: Venus
Place of Birth: Zephyrus, Brickville Village
Current Residence: Kingdom of Zephyrus
Member of: Zephyrian Knights
Class: Brawler
Job: Blacksmith
Weapons of Choice: Bare fists, brassknuckles, gloves
Description: "Armor is the big strong guy of the group. While he is a patient guy, he isn't afraid of saying directly what's on his mind. He is kind, but likes to brag. His jobclass is the blacksmith and he has the position of the tank. He is behind Axel in terms of dealing damage, but he is the most resistant of the group. His biggest downside is being the slowest of the group. His psynergy concentrates on dealing a lot of damage, with a little bit of healing."

~ Psynergy Abilities:

  • Psynergy Slam | Venus | Signature Attack
  • Quake Series: Quake, Earthquake and Quake Sphere | Venus
  • Rockfall Series: Rockfall, Rockslide and Avalanche | Venus
  • Spire Series: Spire, Clay Spire and Stone Spire | Venus
  • Cure Series: Cure, Cure Well and Potent Cure | Venus

~ Djinni Information:
Name: Chasm / ヴォイド Void (JP)
Species: Venus Djinni
Ability Effect: Decreases all damage dealt to the party by 90%. Acts with an "strikes first" property.
Set Bonuses: +10 HP | +3 Agility

Golden Sun Franchise | Venus Djinni "Chasm" © Camelot Software Planning
Rocket Knight Franchise © Konami
Armadur "Armor" Maguerrero © MetalByakko
Artwork © CocoaMint CocoaMint
Created With: MyPaint