[Collab] [Kamid] Family Picnic by CocoaMint (critique requested)

[Collab] [Kamid] Family Picnic (critique requested)


15 November 2015 at 20:47:53 MST

Full Title: Kaji x Namid :: Family Picnic

Collaboration between TabbyWesa and me.

I had so much fun with this one! Not only because of the entire idea of an Collab, but also because of the work we shared so no one was really overworked with it.

Kohaku provided the Original Sketch and the Flat Coloring, I did the Lineart and the Shadding.

I don't know how long it really took for us to finish this Collaboration, but we sort of took our time for some smooth results.

Please +fav TabbyWesa's part as well! http://fav.me/d9guvva

Thanks again for this wonderful Collaboration, Kohaku. Hope we can do another one in the future if you're up to it!

Rocket Knight Franchise © Konami
Kaji Firestone | Original Sketch & Flat Coloring © TabbyWesa
Namid | Lineart & Shading © CocoaMint
Selena Firestone | Artwork © TabbyWesa & CocoaMint
Created With: Photoshop CS6