Aquamarine Bomber (Small Reference) by CocoaMint (critique requested)

Aquamarine Bomber (Small Reference) (critique requested)


25 September 2015 at 20:24:01 MDT

Formerly known as 'Saphiria', but I'm kind of getting sick of this Multiverse idea I had in mind when I was younger.

Name Change done and a lot of concept changes, at least appearance and story wise, and I added a bit of green into her earlier blue-only color cheme to get some variety into her design.

- Short Biography:
Aquamarine Bomber, also known as "Marine" by her friends, was born on Planet Bomber and moved to Planet Jetters at the age of 18.

Her specialities are the water and ice bombs, but she is also able to create steam bombs that can cause serious burn injuries on her enemies.

She was part of a small self-formed police group called "The Light Guides", accompanied by a sibling duo called Canar (older brother) and Quetzy (younger sister) of an avian-like race. After a heavy argument with Canar she left the group, only to hear that he and Quetzy were joining the Hige-Hige Bandits after a few days passed away.

An attempt to convince Canar and Quetzy to leave the Hige-Hige Bandits failed, and to make sure that her ex-friends don't harm any inhabiters on Planet Jetters or stealing One-of-a-kind artifacts she was willing to return to her former role as a part of the "The Light Guides" group, often interfering with Team Jetters or the Jetters Police.

- Personality:
Marine is mostly optimistic and a happy-go-lucky type.

She doesn't really like to get drawn into arguments or fights, but she can't see others suffer, either - so about 80% of the time she will join the 'mess' anyway. Her conscience would haunt her down for sure if she would refuse to help.

Her most beloved hobby is cooking any sort of recipe or to keep everything as clean as possible, but her slight clumsiness causes more ruckus than arrangement.

Although she seems like a calm personality that couldn't get mad about anything she does have her limits, and if this limit is reached she knows how to fight back and isn't afraid of doing so.

Bomberman Franchise © Konami/Hudson Soft
Aquamarine "Marine" Bomber | Artwork © CocoaMint CocoaMint
Created With: MediBang Paint Pro