(Voice Acting) Secret Theater: EWW EWW EWW! by ClyncyeRudje

(Voice Acting) Secret Theater: EWW EWW EWW!


26 May 2016 at 18:59:04 MDT

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Next part of this series done. Currently looking into seeing if someone will work with me so I no longer need to do Zelnick's voice, but there's nothing conclusive yet. If it pans out, I'll probably reupload all the previous Secret Theaters with the replacement (unless you guys feel super strongly about this?????).

The VUX were a ton of fun to voice, although they're murder on the vocal cords. Also, I make dry-heaving sounds in this, so don't listen if you have emetophobia.

Original text: http://zarla.livejournal.com/237156.html


Zelnick: I wish to buy information on current events.

Melnorme: The VUX are currently in a highly agitated state.
It seems that some rumors have spread that their eccentric, perverse admiral has actually managed to form a physical union with a willing human.
This has so disgusted and angered the general VUX populace that they've become hyper-aggressive, attacking almost anything that enters their territory.
Particularly if it's humanoid.
If you travel in their stars, Captain, I'd advice taking precaustions...
...in every possible way you might need them...
...particularly around Admiral ZEX's home.
They cannot defeat ZEX in battle any more than you can, but they'd be more than willing to kill YOU instead.

Do you have any idea what you've DONE, you disgusting human monster?!
It is even harder to control my gag reflex to even look at you! I thought such a thing was impossible!
The horrific and nauseating things that you've done... URK! The images will haunt us forever!
You've scarred our people eternally, human... but at least violently killing you and all your misshapen crew will somewhat ease the pain.

Zelnick: What, exactly, is it that I've done?

VUX: You dare feign ignorance, human?! Act as if you don't know what you've done? The horrors you've committed? The damaged you've wreaked on every VUX psyche that now imagines you and----Ugh! I can't even speak of it! Even now I feel sick.
I hope your death is as painful as what you've made us imagine!

VUX: So, it's the disgusting human Captain! I'm afraid you won't find any hideous perverts here to oblidge your unholy appetites, only a painful, extended demise.
May your screaming death become a warning for all humans to come, and your afterlife filled with hideous torments.

Zelnick: If we've offended you, we apologise. We'd like peace between our species.

VUX: You loathsome, disgusting, perverted monster... we VUX hated humans before we met you... before you were even born... and we did not know that that was merely a fraction of the hate we feel for you now.
In a way we thank you for opening us to new levels of loathing and disgust for your species! We did not think it possible.
I'd gladly snap your neck myself and watch your squishy body spasm in death... but I don't want to touch you.
So instead, I'll simply destroy your ship, and watch with great satisfaction as the explosion incinerates your body completely.

VUX: It's the human! Quick, ready the weapons! Wipe him for existence before...
Ugh! It's too late, the images come unbidden and already I feel nauseous.
Dim the monitor and prepare for battle... before my disgust overwhelms me completely.

Zelnick: This is about ZEX, isn't it? Look, it was HIS idea.

VUX: Augh! Don't even speak of that monsterous pervert!
We have already begun to take action against ZEX and his crimes, and soon he will suffer for what he's done... as you soon shall as well.

Zelnick: What do you mean? How did ZEX make you suffer? It's none of your business what he does with... whoever he does it with.

VUX: Human, we exiled ZEX to Cerenkov for the express purpose of NOT hearing about his interests. As long as he kept his disgusting proclivities to himself we were able to tolerate his existence.
However, the horrific extent of what he had done... with a HUMAN, of all things... was something so grotesque, so terrible... that word of such unforgiveable sexual perversion spread despite our best efforts to stop it.
It is an image so horrible that nothing can erase it...
...and for this all VUX wish that you die a thousand hideous deaths.
Starting with this one.

Zelnick: Action against ZEX? What kind of action?

VUX: Given the extent of ZEX's crime... the damage he's done to our society... and the corrupting influence he's had on our more impressionable youth... we've given him too much leeway for too long.
The High Council has already sent a taskforce to Alpha Cerenkov to take ZEX under arrest... so that he may stand trial for his crimes against everything that is decent and good.
Since there is little chance that he will repent... he will probably be executed as he so richly deserves.
As for YOU, his human (urp!) consort... you will simply die in as horrible a way as I can manage.

Zelnick: I'd think you'd be more grateful to ZEX since he's the only reason you bigots survived the War.

VUX: It comes as no surprise that you are ignorant as well as ugly, and that you know nothing of our history or ZEX's place in it.
I have no time to educate you on such things... but I do have time to acquaint you with painful screaming death.
I do hope you'll get along.

Zelnick: How are you going to arrest him? I don't think he'd go quietly since he hasn't broken any laws.

VUX: ZEX will go quietly, or we will force him to go quietly. Surely you can grasp something so simple, human.
As for what laws he has broken, he has caused enough damage to the fabric of our society that whether or not he has broken a specific law is unimportant.
I doubt any VUX would disagree.

Zelnick: ZEX will mop the floor with you and your task force.

VUX: Ugh! You even defend him!
THe very thought of a human and VUX cooperating to the extent where they'll defend the other--! Cut off communication! I'm going to be sick.
Sub-Commander, take the helm. Kill the wretched beast!
And may ZEX suffer just as you will, human!

VUX: Ugh, it's you! We're already readying our weapons to remove you from existence with the utmost expediency.
We appreciate your cooperation in this matter, and hope that your putrid, wretched species will decide to end their own lives in sympathy for your well-deserved death.
Until then...

Zelnick: Right, we'll just be going now.

VUX: You honestly think you can simply leave after what you've done? That any VUX commander would allow you, a hideous reminder of ZEX's deep mental dysfunction we can't even begin to comprehend, continue to live?
I hope your death is so unpleasant that it is recorded forever in the annals of human history.

VUX: ZEX's human! I can barely control my disgust to say just this...

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