(Voice Acting) Secret Theater 2 by ClyncyeRudje

(Voice Acting) Secret Theater 2


26 May 2016 at 17:49:04 MDT

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Just a sample of the second installment of the Secret Theater readings. The ones here are all sfw, but the full version has a NSFW interlude with our bud Admiral ZEX.

If you want to see the full text, the original edits by zarla are here. Of the voices heard here, only Hayes is altered in post.


Zelnick: So, I heard you guys like to party all the time.

The Safe Ones: Party all the time?

Perhaps you have us confused with your girl.

Zelnick: I wish to buy information on current events.

Melnorme: Certainly, Captain.
We have heard from fairly reliable sources that your female parent was overweight to an amazing...
...also humorous...

Zelnick: Hey! That's not a current event! I want my credits back!

Melnorme: No refunds, Captain.

Zelnick: So how are you guys holding up?

Utwig: angst

Zelnick: ...you guys hang in there.

Hayes: It's good to see you again, Captain Zelnick.
Before we proceed, I wanted to let you know...
Captain, I don't know how you did it, but there three VUX Intruders here waiting for you.
They were sent compliments of one Admiral ZEX...
..."in appreciation of the beautiful night we spent together".
Captain, I am very happy that you are making diplomatic progress with other races... but promise me you will never tell me what you did that night.

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