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Claefer / Nonbinary / United States

Moved! Check journal.
Trades: Closed
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Hello! I go by Claefer. Please use my preferred pronouns ae/aer/aeself or singular they!

I have since moved sites. Please see journal below for info.

You may not edit my art. You may not repost my art. You may not use my art on your websites without permission from me.



Latest Journal


Hey guys! Sorry for being so inactive. I'm back in school, so I've been busy with homework.

I have decided to move sites. I've been looking for a long time for a different site to go to that isn't DA, and doesn't have tons of boobs on the front page (cough*drawcrowd*cough). I've decided that wysp would be a good fit for me. However, I am still keeping this account up for archive purposes. Weasyl is nice, but there's tons of untagged fetish art, and I'd like a site that has a bit more diverse community of fandoms.

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    TYSM For the Fave and ESPECIALLY the Follow!

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    Hey there, Clovers! I tried sending you a note about this, but that didn't work - I noticed you added me as a friend! Your icon and name seem familiar to me, yet I can't place where I know you from.. Could you please remind me? ;w; So sorry for my terrible memory !!

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      Actually I remember looking at your page, but I don't remember friend requesting? So know I don't know you but I think what happened was I hit the wrong button while trying to follow you, woops! (๑´•ω • `๑;)

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    Thanks for the watch! :D Nice art you have, too!

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    Thank you for the watch! Your pixels are lovely!

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      Thank you! And you're welcome. Your art style is pretty interesting! ouob

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    thank u for the watch uvu

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      You're welcome! I recognized your transtalia Austria from the tag. .o.