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A Premium Poem by Clove Darkwave

A Premium Poem

Clove Darkwave

A poem I got the idea for when seeing "PREMIUM" on a drink of mine. It lead me to thinking about all of the other absurd descriptors we attach to our food and drinks to make them sound better and fancier when in truth it's quite meaningless.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go make some Fat-Free tea with my All Natural Organic Water.

Artwork as always is not by me, but drawn by my other half Sparkyopteryx

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    Also, glad to see I'm not the only LaTeX user.

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      Always a pleasure to hear someone's thoughts, so thank you for that.

      It's wonderful for writing, isn't it?

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        It is.

        I suggest using \usepackage[osf]{mathpazo} to get a more elegant font and \usepackage{verse} to get better poetry typesetting options.

        Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your work, I'm happy to see another poet here on Weasyl.

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          Interesting, thank you for that I'll be testing it out when I next fire up the program! Either one of those should work whether I get to working on my characters or writing more poetry.

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            :) The former is pretty much pass-through, you use the command and a decent palatino clone becomes the font.

            The latter will require a bit of learning the commands, I'm happy to provide a few source files if you wanna see what it looks like.

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              Interesting. Sure why not! I don't have any problem going through the website to figure it out, that's what I did in the first place, but I admit after getting it going I haven't gone back to learn more tricks from it. But I'm always willing to listen and learn.

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                I sent you a PM.