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Opening for Commissions!!!

on 27 January 2017 at 20:23:13 MST

My current setup is pretty limited; I need to get something with a bigger screen, along with a better stylus to work with. Putting more scratches into something that's only 7 inches big just isn't very comfortable anymore for me. :x

It's all I have right now, but I'm looking to use it to change that.

All the money raised with these will go towards a bigger tablet (at least 10.1 inches), preferably one with its own stylus. It'll make drawing go so much better, and I'll hopefully have more works to show off since my gallery's still pretty bare.

Srsly, I can see digital dust gathering in the corner.

Plus I'll likely open again in the future, if this is successful! So every commission bought will be gratefully appreciated! <3

You can see more in my commission info on my user page, including what I'm comfortable with drawing. Feel free to ask any questions if there's anything you're unsure about.

Also, I'm more active on Twitter, so contact me through there if you have an account as well.

Hope to do business with you! ~<3

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1. Flat Color
$ 18.00
2. Detailed Colors
$ 22.00
add  1a) Rating: Mature Flats
$ 4.50
add  1b) Rating: Mature Detailed
$ 5.50
add  2a) Rating: Adult Flats
$ 9.00
add  2b) Rating: Adult Detailed
$ 11.00

Lines Only

1. Sketch
$ 10.00
2. Full Lines
$ 14.00
add  1a) Rating: Mature Sketch
$ 2.50
add  1b) Rating: Mature Lined
$ 3.50
add  2a) Rating: Adult Sketch
$ 5.00
add  2b) Rating: Adult Lined
$ 7.00

All parties MUST be okay with their characters being used, and the subject of the image. I will only work on one image per commission, and there are subjects I WILL NOT draw, so please read this carefully.

Simply put, choose what you want me to draw your/another's character doing, along with another character if you'd like (limit 2 chars per picture), and I'll draw them to the best of my ability.

  • A good reference/description of said characters, including any simple accessories/tattoos, will ensure better results!
  • I'll do NSFW artwork, but that will raise the total price; a mature rating will be an extra 25% of the whole cost, while an adult rating will be an extra 50% as shown in my price list.
  • Minors and those under their country's legal age are STRICTLY forbidden from commissioning mature/adult artwork. If you do so and it's revealed you're a minor/commissioned me for a minor, you will be refunded, then promptly reported for attempting to purchase (assisted) underage explicit art. Simply put, please don't help kids buy porn of themselves or others.

I WILL NOT draw: extreme bondage, extreme violence, gore, vore of any type, bursting (graphic or not), torture, watersports, feces, incest, non-consensual activities (i.e. forced sexual intercourse), severed body parts, pregnancy, alcohol, (illegal/dangerous) drugs, substance/drug abuse, defamation of other individuals, sexually explicit works of minors (AKA "cub porn"), propaganda of any type, diapers, nor anything related to abdl.

Once I agree to work on your commission, I will ask for half the payment up front--this is just to confirm that payment method works. Once I finish a draft, I'll show it to you to okay. To receive your image, just send the last half once I let you know I'm done.

Contact me at @ArtsByBoltwood if you're interested!


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