Summer Fox by CleanerWolf

Summer Fox


29 March 2015 at 06:23:11 MDT

This stretchy fox enjoys the warm sunlight of a summer evening ^^

The pic above was created during a series of tests with the GPU-based renderer Redshift in Softimage. The background is a photo, the fox is a 3D model which was composited over the background.

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    All you need now is a rabbit to "tame" the fox. If the fox is your enemy, then tame and befriend them. That or saddle him up and have a fox rodeo like Brier Rabbit.

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      Umm, yeah, there are many things you could do. Foxes are very versatile ;)

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    Looks awesome, gonna try to make an anthro some time? :)

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      Thank you :)
      Anthros are definately on my todo-list, but don't expect anything to be released soon.

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        Alright, got something to look forward to see in the future then :)

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    What plug in did you use for fur? holy shit this is amazing! Props to you :]

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      Thank you!
      I didn't use any plugins to create the fur, just the built-in hair/fur in Softimage which is based on "Shave and a haircut". The only plugin I used was Redshift to render the model.

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        Oh nice! I might try out SoftImage, right now I'm using Maya 2015 and the fur is so finicky and takes forever to render, even at low quality to test it :/ Then again I'm using mental ray haha!

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          Softimage was discontinued last year, which is one of the reasons why I hate Autodesk, but I will continue using it for the next few years, because for me it's still superior to every other 3D app.
          Concerning rendering speed MentalRay is one of the worst options for fur. But there are some tricks to make it faster:

          • Disable "cast shadows" for the fur, but make your lightsource casting soft shadows, so that the shadow of the underlying geo still looks soft.
          • Without shadowing your fur will look flat, this has to be compensated by creating a gradient along the length of the hair, making the root darker than the tip.
          • Try to avoid transparent hair, make it becomme thiner towards the tip instead.
          • Reduce the amount of segments for the strands

          This is, what I did when rendering fur with MR, hope it helps.