[VIDEO] BerliCon 12 by CleanerWolf

[VIDEO] BerliCon 12


12 August 2015 at 11:44:14 MDT

A video that was made from footage recorded at BerliCon 12. It is primarily intended for the attendees of this con but should be fun to watch for everybody hopefully :)

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Or download:
HD 1080p (best quality)
HD 720p (for slower computers)

I used free music tracks from jamendo.com that were released under a CC license:
Epic Soul Factory - La bsqueda de Ianna
Auquid - Instinct
Shamen - Awesome
ProfessorKliq - My Advice
NanowaR - Schwanzwald

Technical information:
The video was shot with a Canon EOS 70D using Tamron 10-24 and Canon 18-135 lenses and a Gopro Hero3 BE.
In some scenes I made use of the "Schwebi", a simple but efficient camera stabilizing rig.
Editing was done in Edius 7.5, Neatvideo was used for denoising and Mercalli Pro V2 for stabilizing.
The aerial shots were made with a DJI Phantom Quadrocopter.

License information:
This video was released under a Creative Commons license, duplication, distribution and public screening is allowed for non-commercial use only. This also means, that monetarised re-uploads of this video on Youtube are NOT allowed and will not be tolerated.

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    Thanks for that great Video Cleaner!

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    Superb Video, did RBB use the coverage?

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      Thank you! No, RBB didn't use the interview with Amur, but now it got published through my video :)

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    how do your videos continue to be so amazing?