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Commissions READY

Hello everyone. I have been thinking about the capacities I have to make high quality writing for commissioning. But for now, I noticed I didn’t know how to manage my prices, so now I modified it. Please, I would like to get a note from anyone interested for a commission. I do want money, but without any type of greedy motivation, but actually based on my wishes on being economically independent, since first I need lots of medicines everyday (a total of 5-6 medicines).

750 WC = $1 - $5
1500 WC = $5 - $9
1750 WC = $10 - $14
2000 WC = $15

2000+ $5 dollars every 500 words

How commissioning works here:

It’s easier than you think, you first talk to me. Then you may give me any IM you have so we can do the commissioning process a bit smoother.

“How will you make a story for me?”

I just need any picture you had with your fursona(alone or with others). It’s recommended if it goes with a background.

“What will you write?”

If it’s not sexually related, I can write anything. Except things that can easily offend everyone. Like mysoginism, racism, religious fanatism, that controversial stuff.
If it's sexual related, I won’t write anything about scat, blood, watersport, macro/micro, rape.

It would be nice if you, my friends, decide to help me by promoting me via journals. IT would help me a lot. thank you
I think that’s all

I almost forgot to add. There are some simple rules in this kind of procedures:

  • You cannot claim my stories to be your own, since it's not only wrong, it's illegal
  • Any story I deliver to you shall be posted like this *If you aren't a writer, you may re-upload the picture you chose for the story as a drawing, then post the story in the description below. Also, you gotta put in the title that there is a story included in this *If you are a writer, you may upload it as a story, using the drawing you chose as the cover.
  • Story won't be posted until you approve the final result.

In order to pay me, you may use Paypal and send the charged money to 10$. But first,it would be recomendable to close the deal by sending at least half the price of your choice.

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