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A Day In The Park With The Carriages by cityl1990

A Day In The Park With The Carriages


Artist Notes: This is another Pro-Carriage cartoon that features my characters from one of my comics called "Cluck!"--Skye Morris-Robinson (My Bantam Hen character from Queens, LOL) and Penny, and featuring a cameo of Christina Hansen and her carriage! This comic is dedicated to Chris and all of NYC's Carriage Operators! #Cartoonists4Carriages #CarriageOn #KeepOurHorses! --Curt

"I was walking towards Central Park after getting of the E from Queens, My neighbor's daugher, Penny, wanted to check out the park and see the horses, when Ms. Chris knew who I was (and her horse did, too, LOL) as I was one of the few who saved Coney Island, She saw me and Penny and we talked about a few stuff, including the fact that I'm also in support for keeping the carriages rolling in and around the Park. As a history buff, I knew this is something no one should take away. It's a part of the history of the Boroughs that I like to call my home. Ms. Chris is one of the people I like to call my friend. #CarriageOn! Oh, we brought Ms. Chris' and her steed some apples to help fuel them up on their travels!"

-Skye Morris-Robinson

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