Monkey (and keeper) Business In The South by cityl1990

Monkey (and keeper) Business In The South


29 July 2019 at 21:02:53 MDT


Even though National Zookeeper
Week is over, on my end, the
week gets extended by one more
week--here's another panel
dedicated to Zoo Atlanta in The
Capital of the South with my
newest Ape OC, Serena...
--Curt L.

"Been living here in Atlanta, I
didn't know that the park near
downtown had a zoo in it until I
was 5 when my older bro, Nile,
took me and Carlina there as the
Ford Family Primate Reserve in
the zoo opened, and just as soon
as I saw our distant half-relatives
living there, I knew that I would
wish to work there when I was in
Kindergarten at the time I've went
to the zoo again on a trip when I
was at Morningside.

Years later after I've graduated
UGA, I got a chance to do what I
wanted to do, care for my half-cousins
and yes, I'm the
conversationalist and do my part
to save their distant relatives out
in Africa and Central and South America and
Asia to stay around for more years
to come.
(oh and did i mention that my
older sis works for 'Action News'
here in the ATL?)"

Serena Shané Maltan
"The South's Own Conversational
Ape (who's also a Keeper)
Born July 26, 1983
(Youngest sister to WSB "ACTION
NEWS" reporter, Carlina Maltan)
Primate Docent (2003-Present);
Ford Family Primate Center
zooATLANTA at Grant Park
"Conservation In Action™"
Mozley Park (Atlanta)
(Sumatran Orangutan)

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