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Wisconsin Kisses


21 February 2019 at 17:10:11 MST

This is another pic dedicated to #Februdairy of Audrey Banks and her distant Half-Niece, Adita "Addie" Banks-Rentmeester.
--Curt L.

"Love being here in MKE and meeting all of the kids that visit us here at the Children's' Zoo, but one of best moments was last week when my half-niece, Addie, came to visit, the last time I've saw her was when she was 2 after she saw me have my 9th calf (That was back in '09 and it was my first daughter, Victoria, after 8--yeah--EIGHT SONS) Addie's 12 and she is soooooooo elated to see her half-aunt, I've gave her a nose 'kiss' and, let me tell you, she's head over heels as the Wisconsinite that she is!"

"Aunt Auddie is one of the coolest half-aunts that I ever knew, after 12 kids, she's still willing to show the kids and teens the world that makes Wisconsin the Dairy Powerhouse in the Nation--that was her words, not min---hehheheheheheh Auntie, staupp kisss--heheheheheheheeheheheehehe... see what I mean?"

Audrey Lydia Banks
"The Cream City's Knowledgeable Holstein"
(Born February 13, 1979; Mom to Henry Banks, Oliver Banks, Liam Katz, William Katz, Connor Banks, II, Thomas Katz, Caleb Katz, III, Victoria "Vikki" Banks, Gabriella Banks, Rose Katz, Taylor Katz, and Adalynn Banks)
Katz Family Farm at Milwaukee County Zoo
Cannon Park (Milwaukee)
(Holstein Heifer)

Adita "Addie" Madlina Banks-Rentmeester
"An Affluent, On-Going Tween Heifer"
(Born January 3, 2007)
9th Grade (age 12)
James Groppi High
Menonoee River Valley (Milwaukee)
(Holstein Heifer)

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