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Kind (and 'Bullish') Tale by cityl1990

Kind (and 'Bullish') Tale


[Dedicated to the Dairy Farmers for #februdairy19]
These are the kids of my Jersey Heifer Character, Rachel Woodbridge (who's the older sis of Jeanette Woodbridge-Hawkins--by two years) Daniel and Rach's Stepson, Phillip... --Curt L.

"When I've became a surrogate for a Heifer who lives at an Agricultural High School (W.B Saul High in Philly), I didn't refuse. As a Heifer who likes to be a Working Mother (Mom of 4 Gals, 4 Guys; Phillip also counts, he's my Stepcalf; Had 7 biological Calves via 'VBAC' after my oldest Calf, Wendy, born through C-section), I didn't refuse to help for a Fellow Bovine in need. .

So that's what I did, and being the Kind and Selfless Coo that I am, decided to be a surrogate and yep, Had Danny on the 29th, the same night that one of the Mom Vloggers that I followed on YouTUBE--had her 8th kid, (Also of the same name)

He'll stay for a bit until he moves to Philly so that one of the Heifers down there could take care of Danny. Told ya that I would give back to other folks (and other Bovines). I'm just that kind of a Coo."

Rachel Anita Woodbridge
"Bucks Co' Kindest Coo"
(Born on Groundhog Day, February 2, 1984)
Mom to Wendy, Ula, Kendra, Khloe; Kyle, Randy, Christopher, Jr., Arnett; Stepmom to Philip "Phil" Hawker [Born January 15, 2014]
Lives with Farmer, Edita "Edie" Windbridge
Yardley (Lower Makefield Township)
(Jersey Heifer)

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