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Hodor by circuscookies



A little Game of Thrones fanart. Eagerly awaiting the new season.

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    Hodor! <3

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    Very dramatic and atmospheric! You really nailed it here! <:)

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    Oh man, this is still one of my favorite pictures of yours--it's even in a folder called "Inspiration", that I use to collect art/photography that really strikes me.

    If you don't mind a technique question, do you work with opacity mapped to your stylus pressure, or do you only allow pen pressure to affect width? Your gouache/dry-brush look seems like you'd probably map only stroke width to stylus pressure (so no opacity variation), but that's just my best guess!

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      Thank you! I really appreciate that.

      Honestly, this whole piece was a lot of messing around. I had just downloaded these brushes: and went with it. I don't use any sort of opacity built into the pen, just use normal pressure. For the gouache texture you're seeing I used the gouache brush from this guys tools: - I know it's in the 13$ pack, not sure about the others. I believe it's called "Gouache A Go Go". Then there are a few various other brushes from Kyles pack in there as well.

      I really don't do anything fancy. I never change brush settings cause it sort of freaks me out. Let me know if that doesn't make sense, ahaha.

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        Oooh, thank you so much for answering my question!

        I already have Kyle's brush pack, but haven't played around with the gouache ones yet--I'll definitely give them a spin, though! I'll also check out that dA brush set, too.

        Do you still work from a monochromatic base painting? I remember you used to work that way, at least, and it inspired me to approach digital painting like traditional paints, which has been super useful. I don't usually "convert" my work with a gradient map or overlay layer, though.. it might be less efficient, but I've found it simpler for my brain to just paint over the underpainting.

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          I actually don't use a grayscale base anymore, not since college anyway. Purely because I can never seem to get the colors the way I want them. It's still the best way to get the lights right though, in my opinion. In the case of this piece I did actually do a little grayscale thumbnail just to have an idea of the lighting.

          So you do a grayscale painting, then paint over it completely? No color layers or anything? You have so much patience!

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            Mmmm, yeah, I never could get the grayscale conversion to look right.

            So, instead I paint with one color to get my values (or approximate values/lighting, at least), then I'll adjust that color to be a base shadow color (usually a desaturated blueish-purple color), and paint in final colors over that. Sorta like here:

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              Oh dang, that's awesome! I wouldn't have ever thought about approaching it like that. So fun to see how other artists work!