Off to the Gym~ by CinnaTree

Off to the Gym~


25 June 2014 at 02:03:02 MDT

Hello there good watchers~! First of all my apologies for not being around for so long and not drawing~!~! And thank you for watching me in the times of drawing famine~! Thank you indeed~! To be quite honest I was busy working on a third legendary for GW2. I guess I can't be satisfied with just one~!

Anyways I should stop disappearing like that~ but I return with a drawing~! yay
Here we have a male panther who is a fighter, so he is off to the gym for practice and he is using the alley way shortcut, he might meet some grunts on the way to test out his latest routine~!


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    That was a good news from you. Now I'm back and enjoy your muscular work again, Hehe <3

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    I forgot. You know? your muscular work always cheer me up to workout. Because I would like to have a muscular build like your worktoo. Thanks and please keep up the great work <3