The Huntress 1 by Cindy Cerberus

The Huntress 1

Cindy Cerberus

18 July 2015 at 01:51:28 MDT

The beginning of a short story about my Destiny character, Ivory.

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Literary / Story


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    And the story of dang near every LFG outing. 2-5 players die in short order and then blame the only person who survived for their failure.

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      My fear while playing; it has only happened to me once but still pretty upsetting when it happens. Luckily I found a few more causal like players to play with.

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        Indeed. I can understand wanting to achieve a goal, but if you can't have fun doing it and laugh at the failures, why even play? Only time I've ever really been bothered to he point of "raging" with any teammates was during a weekly heroic strike. I went in solo, picked up a couple clowns who thought it would be great to try to have a fist-fight with Tanniks, and then sent me hate mail saying I never did anything. At the end of the strike I had triple their combined kill-count and half as man deaths as either one of them.

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          People feel so much anger over losing. It's ridiculous. Like I get peeved at myself when I lose things but i'm not blaming anyone. I don't understand "hardcore" gamers; like why are you so serious? I know we all really want to win and whatnot but sheesh, ya don't gotta be so mean.

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            Precisely. Nobody really enjoys losing, sure. But nobody enjoys being chewed out over a setback, either. Things happen. And especially with modes like Prison of Elders or the Nightfall strike (even more so now that there's a new batch of modifiers) sometimes a player gets into a situation and reacts on instinct when the modifier makes that reaction far more dangerous than usual. Like with this weeks Nightfall and the "Grounded" modifier. My primary evasive tactic is to get airborne. The "Brawler" modifier was also active so I was relying more on melee than usual. My preferred strategy for the Nexus is to stay up in the tunnel and snipe to avoid being swarmed by Vex down below, the cost of which is having to deal with a Minotaur that frequently spawns up there. With Brawler, once it's health was brought down low enough I'd charge in and start meleeing, but when engaging larger enemies like that I instinctively jump up to strike. I had a bit of luck on my side but with Grounded active that little hop could have cost me. There have been several times in PoE that I've reacted on instinct and completely forgotten the modifiers working against me and ended up waiting on the respawn. Some people understand well enough and can shrug it off while others completely explode into a fit of utter rage. It's ridiculous.

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    Totally. I've been chewed out for accidently hitting someone because they landed beside me, I reacted on instinct, and a knifed them. They weren't effect in anyway but the dude was still pissed by the "betrayal" and even booted me out. Like some of these people need to calm down. If someone makes a mistake, deadly or not. It's just a game, a game you want to win sure, but seriously be chill while you play.