I'm just a boring transguy with too many cats and not enough time to do art stuff. I draw and make jewelry, mostly.

The vast majority of the jewelry in my Jewelry Photos folder is for sale - individual prices are listed with the pieces. I work primarily in basemetal, glass, semi-precious stone, repurposed/upcycled parts, and sometimes resin/acrylic beads. I also take commissions. Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, though if you see something you like that's sold, I can usually make something similar. I don't mass-produce, though!

I can accept Paypal, postal money orders, checks, and US cash (at your own risk, not my favorite option). For most items the listed price can include an organza bag or gift box, but you have to let me know you want that! Otherwise your item(s) will ship in individual zip-closure bags inside a padded envelope or box.

I'm poor as shit and spend more of my money than I probably should on getting stray cats spayed and neutered, so any purchases will be deeply appreciated.


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    Thanks so much for the follow back <3 an the nice comment =3 Your work is beautiful ;)