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Little Creatures by chutkat

Little Creatures


25 November 2014 at 00:05:18 MST

Commission for Vera of her character in her roach form.

Yep that's a roach flying 8D
You're welcome!

I'm actually against killing roaches (or pretty much anything) so I catch them in containers and take them outside xD. And they are not THAT disgusting, I sometimes find them cute, but other times I just feel a chill on my spine xD

I will add the WIP later~

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    Wasn't expecting to see art of Vera from you!
    It's so beautiful, I love this character and I love how you drew her in this form, she looks simply stunning!

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      Thanks! :D

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    Oh this came out beautiful ;u; I love the pose and how her hair falls, and all the leg spikeys <3!
    It's pretty awesome of you to respect roaches like that ^.^ I have kept at least 30 different species and each one has their own habits, rituals and personalities. There are so many beautiful, super-colorful tropical species as well, it's hard to imagine anyone hating ALL of them! Over 6,000 species and only 9-ish are invasive, too /roach nerding but YES I love this very very much thank you ;u;!

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      Ohhh tropical coloured ones? I'd love to see!
      I once saw a white one on my backyard, I joked around with my family calling it a unicorn all week long xD

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    Perfect! :O

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    Very nice artwotk, the spikes are a interesting add to it all, what was the idea behind t?

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      It's a Youkai / cockroach version of Vera's character. So the character idea is her's~

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        Ahhh oke ^-^ well ya did a great job on it

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    This is SO awesome x3 Hnnnngggggg this makes me appreciate roaches a weeeeee bit more lol At least in art!

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      hahaha right? XD
      Thanks a lot!

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    This is rad! I love the pose, making a character do things with multiple arms isn't always easy (if you ask me) but this looks so natural.