Pizza Witchsona by Chu

Pizza Witchsona


24 February 2015 at 13:02:28 MST

I spend so much time working on comics these days that I end up not having very many individual illustrations to post on my art sites. So in case you're wondering, "Hey, why doesn't Chu post anymore? Is she even drawing that much?" then my answer is, "I'm drawing tons of stuff all the time!!"

Anyway I made this little doodle for Witchsona Week! I don't know about you guys, but this is what I would do if I had witch powers. Co-starring my familiars, Gil and Hana.

Don't forget to check out my Tumblr! It's got a lot of weird doodles and comics on it that don't make it here:

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    And the taste is simply MAGICAL~

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      ... except I've never tasted magic before, so I can't say if that's a good thing

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        I instantly imagined the taste of magic to be fizzy and fruity, and that it always magically complements the natural flavor whatever food it accompanies. I don't know about the fizzy part, but I do love pineapple on pepperoni pizza, so hey, it could work!

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          Pineapple is amazing with all sorts of of food! Pizza! Salads! Curry! Roasted dishes!

          ... therefore -- dare I say, pineapple is... magic?

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    Fastest delivery in town!