Little Catnipper by Chu

Little Catnipper


11 November 2015 at 12:12:56 MST

If you look really close at the diner, you'll be able to see a small plant with "ears". That's a "cat nipper" plant from a collaborative comic project I did for school, and as far as I know, next to none of it is online. Anyway, I like that little plant. Maybe we'll see more of it as The Junk Hyenas Diner continues.

And maybe I'll just keep drawing Junk Hyenas characters until I finally get back to work on their comic!

The Junk Hyenas Diner:

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    That plant is the best and I want it

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      Hee hee, the more I think about the catnipper the more I wanna feature it in the comic in the future.

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        Ooh you totally should!
        If it gets popular enough maybe al ittle plush or sculpture type thing for it >.> grabby paws

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    Your stories and worlds are so much fun! And this is just downright adorable. Pretty sure Guff spoils the little nipper in some way. I love your painting style. It always makes these pieces so lively.

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      Thanks! I like these kinds of paintings too, because they're fun to do. It's nice to hear that other people like them, because I can't always tell what others are thinking. XD