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on 24 June 2017 at 16:45:04 MDT

Sorry for taking so long to post something, I've been really busy!

Some of you might know already if you follow me on Twitter, but yesterday I was able to adopt my GSD mix, Dean, from the animal shelter here for $5. We clicked immediately and have literally been glued to each other every since. We're always hip to hip, walking right against each other, sharing cuddles and hugs and just chilling out after a nice, long day. I've been taking him on walks, feeding him, bathing him, cleaning up after him, etc.

He's received some prior training to be a service dog beforehand, but as far as I know his training was never completed. I got him the same day he was put into the shelter, and he was a nervous wreck there. He's afraid of small dogs and bigger dogs but loves cats. I have to pick him up (which usually requires the help of two other people) since he weighs well over 70 pounds and comes up to my hips.

I'm not allowed to keep him inside since he isn't fully trained (that's my parents' rule), but he was a house dog prior to me adopting him. I have him in a kennel with a roof on it right outside my window. Last night I had to talk to him until he fell asleep because he didn't want me out of his site. He's also already tried to protect me when someone storms at me or screams at me. He gets between me and them and pushes me back until we're out of the room. He pulls and tugs on leashes, so I'm trying to tech him that's not okay because I have spinal issues.

His favourite color is blue. He will only play with things that are blue, he'll only wear things that are blue, and I think if he could be blue, he would want to be. lol

He's a big sweetheart. I love him so much.

Thank you all for reading and for supporting me. Dean will eventually be trained to be my service dog once things on my end get settled and everything is scheduled out. I'm going to be working with a company called "medical mutts" to help get him registered, and a few people have offered their services for free already to assist in training him.

Things are good right now and last night was the first night I've really slept in such a long time. It was so peaceful and I woke up with a smile on my face. This is a huge responsibility and a huge step I'm taking. I'm so happy.

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