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"Jackalope Matriarch" by chrisgoodwin

"Jackalope Matriarch"


30 January 2014 at 23:09:27 MST

ink, digital. 2007.

Down a shield and in defensive mode.

This particular character is a disgraced matriarch, stripped of her teeth for showing cowardice in battle.
Her sword is broken as further humiliation and punishment, and it is her only remaining point of honor to use it in favor of better weapons.

As a limited race, there aren't enough of them to allow for incarceration or execution, and all are still expected to fight as it is literally the only reason they exist. Her only hope of redemption is to die a good death in combat.

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    the detail put into their armor is incredible.

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    This is gorgeous with such amazing detail. Also I'm always so happy to see woman-warrior types! The thought you've put into the backstory is, as usual, impressive and carries through into the art.

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    This one is also epic. The clothes/armor design on these jackalope warriors is fantastic. Any chance that you revisit and expand on them and their society someday?

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    This is such a cool character concept, and I love inkwork and detail put into her armor and garmets. Just, whoa.

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    Love the look! Wonderful posing too~

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    The pose and her gaze are intense. This is great!