Alma and Iman by chopstuff

Alma and Iman


24 February 2014 at 05:44:43 MST

Iman is a bodyguard of sorts, he was trained and charged with protecting the Queen but his job has slowly extended into doing the Queen’s work to keep the city functioning in a way. No one really notices since really they are too busy watching Alma doing stuff.

He is the only person who is constantly around and available to Alma so she tries to get a rise out of him when she’s bored, although she’s yet to get any kind of reaction out of him other than stoic monotony or a very polite request for her too cease her rude behaviour.

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    Leeeettle feet X3 they look like they live in a very hot climate so that uniform seems like a nightmare D: Good on him for sneaking some deligations in while babysitting the royalty. Like to see him outta dem robes sometime~

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      Ahahaha yea he's so unflinching it probably wouldn't seem like the heat bothers him :'D I'm sure it does but he has the discipline to be like pff whatevs~
      I'll have to draw him out of them one day :'D

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    I love, love, LOVE this style of yours, and I really like their clothing design. His hood reminds me of a bear or a panther--I like that!

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      Aw gosh thank you ;u; I have a folder of inspiration for these guys clothing, I don't draw them much but aw man they are so fun cB
      Now that you mention it, it does kinda look like a panther or something :'D It's kinda cute

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    Oh my gosh these two are precious. And those expressions hahaha~

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      Huhuhu thank you cB

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    That is both rather cute and, after reading the description, quite amusing :)