Queen Carmine by chopstuff

Queen Carmine


2 February 2014 at 02:52:35 MST

Redesign of a one off character I doodled on tumblr a while back.
Been wanting to redesign Carmine for a while because I was happy with her colours but not so much with how I drew her :’D

She ended up just getting completely made over. She’s not supposed to be sweet looking and that’s how she came off to me originally. Was just annoying me a bit.

Naga’s are usually laid back and docile but Carmine has a wicked streak to her along with being domineering.
The other Naga tend to avoid her when possible so they can resume their peaceful, lazy lifestyle. She’s not too demanding, just not fun to be around when she’s in a bad mood. Which is most of the time, it fluctuates rapidly.

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    With those colors, her hood looks like peeled open flesh... its wicked intimidating mixed with that bright face!

    I really love yer design on the species, specially in face construction.

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      Ahaha yea it really does look like that ;u; It was unintentional but I kinda like it now :'D

      And ahh gosh thank you!

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        Ooh, I'm glad you liked that :)

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    That's a lovely design. Particularly like the markings on the face~

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      Heheh thank you eh cB I think I'm usually big on being minimalistic, this is me stretching myself ;u;