My New Fursona: Ruby Chocolate by ChocolateKitsune

My New Fursona: Ruby Chocolate


29 August 2019 at 17:20:08 MDT

Everyone, say hello to Ruby.

For quite some time now, Chocolate has developed into a very integral part of who I am and how I present myself. One very integral element in their design is the notion of consent, especially with how he interacts with others, but also how others treat him. Much like myself, Chocolate has always been a switch, but he tends to remain more on the dominant side of things. Without going too much further into detail, I've grown to reserve Chocolate being in the submissive position to a rather small selection of close friends.

This, unfortunately, caused some personal conflict. My submissive side still needed a safe and comfortable outlet, but I didn't want to compromise Chocolate too heavily by using him as such. I found myself repressing certain ideas as a result, which wasn't a very healthy habit for an artist to develop.

Inspiration finally struck when my friend Tiff bunny sent me some Ruby chocolate KitKats. Their fruity flavour and cute pink colour made them an instant hit, and combined with the fact that shiny lopunny is also pink, I found the concept I needed. I got this design done during a stream session about two months ago, but never found the time to make a more involved announcement for her. So here we are, and here she is. 💝

Ruby is my new fursona, who I will be using alongside Chocolate (don't worry, he's not going anywhere). She's another one of Spirit Chocolate's permanent host bodies and is also a switch, but decidedly more submissive in general. She's genderfluid (or nonbunnary, ha ha), goes by whichever pronouns she's presenting as at the time (they/them are always a safe bet when in doubt), and wears a permanent choker that has some fun little tricks - but I'll get more into her design and origin some other time.

I genuinely hope you like her. There'll be more to see of her very, very soon. 💝

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