Comission prices 2/19 by Chitafokkusu

Comission prices 2/19


4 February 2019 at 16:02:55 MST

I'm currently open for commission!

I'm doing a valentine special that will last the month of February! Get 10% off all valentine day related commission! This applies even after valentines day!
 What I WILL draw:
Anime and Cartoons
Furries and animal characters; wolves, foxes, ponies, etc.
Original Characters so long as you can provide me with picture reference or a VERY detailed description.
Characters from almost any fandom so long as you can provide plenty of reference
Simple robots/ animatronics
Certain fetishes like vore, hyper, feral,etc.

What I WILL NOT draw:
Hate art of any kind; racist imagery, extreme misogynistic material etc.
Real life people without said persons consent
Cars, vehicles, complex machinery
Children in adult situations
Super hardcore gore
Certain fetishes like scat, diaper, farting, etc.

If there something you are uncertain about what I may draw, feel free to ask!
I will always discuss the project before asking for payment so I will let you know when and if I simply can’t draw something

Check out my gallery for examples of my work!

If your interested please contact me either on discord, notes or email, my information is below. Discord is the fastest and most reliable method to contact me with the second being my email. Notes aren't always alerted to my attention, so if I don't answer right away it might be because of that.

Discord- Sanura (Chitafokkusu)#5074
Email -

Paypal and USD only 

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