Deebles Dragon Glue Sculpture! by Chimerotropic

Deebles Dragon Glue Sculpture!


6 April 2015 at 16:38:06 MDT

Wow, I haven't made one of these for years! If you remember me as the GlueArbiter or Dracotic, you may recognize my past works with glue. I had a long bout of art block and hopefully, I'm back on it!

Done for an art trade on a forum for Deebles who coincidentally owns this dragon named Deebles.

Materials used:

*Wire and tin foil armature/base.
*Layers of hot glue.
*Canvas and feathers for wings.
*Acrylic and Enamel paints.
*Black foam for leather necklace.
*Gold wire for bangles.

This is an ornament and hangs!

I'm not sure if I've busted through my art block completely, things are still very slow but I've been lucky to have my fantastic Fiance for motivation. I may be opening up for commissions some time in the near future. I could really use the money!

Art © Aze Fish (Me), Deebles © Deebles.

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    Holy crap, this is gorgeous! I thought that those portions of canvas were rippled fabric - a really outstanding illusion of depth there! I am really really impressed by the level of detail you've captured in this - the attention paid to the necklace and bangles, and the subtlety in the dragon's posture. Absolutely kickass work!! Thank you for sharing this! ^w^ <3