URA Zelda - Hero of light by chiltikcoatl

URA Zelda - Hero of light


23 March 2015 at 13:14:55 MDT

One speedpaint of my re-interpretation on the hero of light that appeared on SPIREIII's concept art of this project, which was going to be a mod for OoT intended to revive the URA expansion we never saw due to the commercial failure of the N64DD.

Through an more epic fail was the URA restoration project, and the reason why I used the hashtag #ZethIsALoser on my Link x Hero of Light slash fanarts I keep on my weasyl account.

So, Zeth's idea was escencially a green-haired Link-clone which also held the master sword for some non-sensial reason; but I decided in this concept to instead have him wield first a hylian sword which if I figure out how through modding, could be re-worked into the red and golden swords from A link to the past by seeking a blacksmith NPC (nevertheless...neither being the master sword but a re-worked hylian sword).
Besides, if modding allows so I could have him wield a cursed sword (a sheikah's dagger, anyone?) that doubled his attack but hurted him at random intervals, and also have him wield my omecoatl (a macuahuitl-longsword hybrid I long to own IRL someday) until I decide to keep the biggoron sword or come up with a better zelda-like longsword.
Also instead of him outright wearing the kokiri-tunic I decided to give him a similar one but without sleeves and pants underneat rather than thighs :B
Also if I have him olive skin rather than being white like Link... is just personal appeal, I find brown sexy (all my exs sans one that was ironically a true indigenous mexican (a popoluca native mexican) were brown)... through I may expect bashing in the forums for me to make him white XD

Well, I've got to convert this concept into a low-poly 3D model and then import into OoT, show it on the forum. Wish me luck XD.

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