The nobles of the mountain by chiltikcoatl

The nobles of the mountain


20 March 2015 at 14:06:07 MDT

Original from FA posted on October 13th, 2012 10:38 PM

This is a pic on which I decided to explore a bit my sharp shading technique, to which I've added additional effects and for purposes of practicity went for this rather simple yet good looking background.

The nobles of the mountain are a high range of god-like figures in Tlapololotlan despite the fact the only actual god is Chilikik himself and instead Malik is a youkai, though meditation and enlightenment became a noble spirit and his energy bending is massively powerful. Kanako is a demon red panda, althrough not a demon like on Christianity/Judaism, she's a high class youkai, one with god-like powers to manipulate the dimensions.

  • Malik al-Malik is the third noble of the mountain, and his treasure of Tlapololotlan is the Saif al-Tawsh (lit. Peacock's sword) which represents courage.
  • Tokuhoshi Kanako is the second noble of the mountain, her treause of Tlapololotlan is the Staff of Dominion (also called staff of comfort since it comforts her...if you know what I mean) and it represents Benevolence despite having been formelly used as the keystone of a dictatorship.
  • Chiltikcoatl Xochiteyaotlani is the first noble of the mountain, and his treasure of Tlapololotlan is the ominous and dreaded Obsidian mirror, which naturally would grant him a masive power, however he does NOT use it and he's just a custodian of it's huge power. The mirror represents wisdom.

Malik al-Malik, Chiltikcoatl Xochiteyaotlani and Tokuhoshi Kanako ©   Chiltikcoatl

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