Hello, I'm Chills. I'm a (mostly) digital artist who likes animals and nature. Other things I like are Pokémon, Pathologic, mythology, video games and books. May not be the best person to talk to.

I am studying to become a game graphics designer. This account is where I'll be putting all my nonsense, fanart as well as original stuff.

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A quick rundown of my characters and worlds

on 9 August 2017 at 06:58:51 MDT

Since I have proven to be terrible at explaining my stories through art, and drawing characters from only one universe at a time, I figured I'd write a little bit about them here. In case anyone has been following my art and wondered which characters belong to which world, and if they are related in any way. Note that this isn't every story I've ever made, just the ones I show off here. Some stories I plan to create comics or games of, therefore they shall be kept secret so as to avoid theft.

Might update this journal from time to time.

A mostly original world filled with creatures from my imagination, as opposed to mythological ones. There are no humans, though normal animals do exist. It's a world where I can go all out and create whatever I wish, since I've built everything from the ground up.

This world is made up of two realms: the Wildlands, a realm of earth, and a as-of-yet unnamed domain of clouds and mountain summits. Magic is an erosive substance in this world and has steadily been destroying parts of the Wildlands ever since it was released from the Vault, where it was confined by the eight Guardians. The creatures inhabiting these two realms are quite different from one another, and rarely see eye to eye during conflicts. Years of dissension has lead to the routes to the cloud domain being sealed off in order to prevent the erosion from reaching it. Things may soon have to change as more and more land is warped by the magical energies.

Characters such as Sot and Pilot belong here. More will be introduced in time.

Story of Skaga:
A little thing I created many years ago and only recently remembered. In a short amount of time, I've quickly grown to like these characters and I'm very glad I found them again. I've built a world for them purely because it is fun, so do not expect anything particularly original or great. This world is something I work on now and then to relax. I'm currently working on references for the characters who belong here as well as a simple map.

It's fantasy-themed and has many mythological creatures in it as well as a few others, such as the occasional D&D species. Anything goes really, if I feel like adding it.

The lynx I draw now and then is Chills, who is not a fursona but rather a... mascot of sorts, I suppose. She's fun to draw and has been with me for a while, so if I have to use anything to represent myself online with, it'll be her. She doesn't belong in any particular place. Neither does Tyra.

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