ZSC: The police suit - Page 2 by chicobo

ZSC: The police suit - Page 2


25 August 2018 at 16:58:23 MDT

Finally, I had the time and encouragement to finish the chapter. Many thanks to all the good
comments and those who follow me for these things. x3 I hope that with time I can have more
support to continue these personal projects so I don't need to worry about everyday expenses.

If you wish you can support me on Patreon so I can be more motivated to continue this project along
with other ideas or themes without thinking in bills and rent issues. It is not a certain thing, but
at least you will be collaborating in that I'll be less worried with things other than drawing. ^-^

By the way, maybe it's not worth mentioning but I like Nick's gay side even though I also like
his relationship with Judy. xP So I like that there is the possibility of adventures with Herv,
although for some it seems cheating and they are already assuming the worst, that's not my idea.

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    I'm excited to see where this goes x3

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    Did we know it? Yes, yes we did.
    Do we approve? YES... **ahem** I mean, yes. Yes we do.

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    Called it.