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Bro and Sis


28 December 2016 at 06:51:36 MST

Well there is not much to say, they are Herbie and Judy. He is one of her brothers and will appear in the second chapter of the mini comics we have planned to do. If you still don't know anything about this project here is the info and the first pages: Page 1 So if you are interested in making donations your contributions are more than welcome.

Of course he is not an official character of zootopia, but given that Judy has 275 siblings and that rabbits can give birth to several offspring there is a good chance that Judy has a twin brother similar to her. xP

He will be an important piece in the chapters with Judy and Nick, especially Nick, you can already guess why. ;P So for now we can only mention that about Herbie, and we'll see if we can do more drawings of him before the second chapter to know him a little more. ^-^

Well about the drawing, this one has been started with several ideas while I was practicing quick sketching, and as I like that pose I have left Anhes refine the sketch of Herbie correcting some errors and then I finished refining Judy considering his advices. Then I made the linework and painted on cellshade style as usual.

I hope you like him and thank you for watching and following this project.

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. Judy (c) Disney Zootopia
. Herbie (c) anhes chicobo
. Drawing (c) anhes chicobo

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