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On the Hunt and Dissipate by Chewbacca

On the Hunt and Dissipate


Part of the LaZOR art series that will be available in the commission listings.

I was going to call this acid tiger, but I got so many acid tiger concepts ._.

Let alone I wanted the title to suit what's going on in the picture.

During one of my 'high' sessions, I had this concept in my sketch book for awhile of this eyeball like wonderland. This is what I shat out. Enjoy.


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    This needs to be a print.

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      Thanks <3

      Though I don't how to set up prints.

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        There is a few ways,

        When someone places an order, you can use the order money to purchase the print/take profit then mail it out,

        You can display a design on a website for order, but that company will take profit for making it, give you some for designing it, and then ship it out also for you,

        You can also purchase prints in bulk and sell them for more of a profit and also at a cheaper price if you prefer,

        Or make a limited set of prints for one design and then close off printing it, maybe also sell them for more with personal signature on the print to limited stock prints.

        I don't personally know of any good sites I have used yet, I'm still testing some out so I don't have much of an established opinion on any yet to recommend.

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          I like the second option cause I don't have the means or the time to do the others. Thank you for your tips. I'll investigate more into the sites.

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    I quite like this sort of abstract cheshire style you seem to have on a few of these pieces. I'd love to see more. :)