A New Horse by chemgas650

Kayla approached her farm with a proud smile as the sun shined on the land, as behind her she pulled what might have been her biggest catch she’d ever gotten. Kayla was an anthro dragon of about six feet in height, with two wings sprouting from her shoulder blades. She had skin in a variety of shades of purple, ranging from an almost-gray shade to some areas that were almost black. The lighter of these two shades resided on her legs, arms, chest, stomach, and the bottom half of her face. Meanwhile, darker shades of purple resided on her shoulders, wings, back, the outsides of her thighs, and on her tail as well as the upper half of her head. A shock of hair went between two decently sized ears, and said hair hung down slightly past her shoulders. She had two dark blue eyes and a small horn on each side of her face, with an expression that suggested she was definitely having a good day.
Behind her walked a mare of almost twice Kayla’s height. Her name was Onnagh, and to be more specific she was a Gypsy Danner mare. Most of her fur was as white as paper, and had black spots in numerous places, as if bits of ash had been dabbed here and there onto her body. She had light blue eyes and a freckled face, with an expression that suggested she didn’t like her current predicament. The horse was built with a lot of muscle and a decent amount of fat to cover it, making her look somewhat overweight when in reality she was perfectly healthy. She had a flowing, blond mane that was braided at the end, hanging down her shoulder, along with a neatly braided tail.
When the farm was relatively close, Kayla realized she would not be able to put Onnagh in a traditional horse stable, considering her size. After some thought, though, she remembered a spot in the barn that could be used until a more suitable place in the stables was built. With this in mind, the dragon led the horse through the main doors of her large barn, showing Onnagh her temporary home while Kayla added a new task to her mental to-do list.
When Onnagh was in her place with some food to eat, the mare simply lay down and wondered how she had gotten herself here. She was merely minding her own business in a pasture when Kayla had stumbled upon the mare, and a few minutes later the dragon’s surprising skills on a horse had effectively put her into submission.
Now here she was, stuck in this barn that was owned by this random dragon that had managed to break her. The food in the trough she was given emanated a repulsive smell, so much so to the point that she had gagged when it was first brought to her. Despite this, though, her stomach grumbled, and the urge to eat grew strong within her. Attempts to ignore the hunger were futile, and she slowly felt a stronger and stronger need to eat something. She stood up and stood at the far end of her pen within the barn, facing the gate with a determined expression. She reared back with a neigh and rushed forward, bashing into the gate and causing it to fly off its hinges.
The wooden door fell to the ground in front of Onnagh, and the mare stood still for a moment, hoping that by some miracle, Kayla didn’t come running. Thankfully, she didn’t, and the mare was free from her original housing. She approached the main doors of the barn and pressed her snout against them, smiling as they opened slowly, Kayla having left them unlocked. Now, she looked around, seeing the bountiful crops and animals around her as her stomach growled at the mare.
Feeling the sting of hunger another time, Onnagh approached a field of corn, originally wanting to eat that. However, a sudden change of tastes made her turn towards a nearby, fenced in area full of pigs, and she failed to realize she was drooling as she looked at the fat animals. When she came out of the slight daze, Onnagh grinned with an idea as she prepared to jump the fence holding the pigs. Soon, she was sprinting at the fence head on before she took a huge leap, soaring over the fence thanks to her muscular legs.
She landed gracefully on the inside of the pig pen, many of the pigs turning and looking at her momentarily until they resumed their aimless walking. Onnagh was now beaming with pride as she licked her lips, leaning down and sniffing a rather small pig standing in front of her. Without a second thought, she opened her mouth enough to unhinge her jaw, a talent she had learned quite a while ago, and picked up the pig in her teeth. With a look to the sky, she let gravity pull the pig deeper into her mouth as she worked at swallowing it whole, the struggling animal in her mouth not making that task an easy one.
After some time, though, Onnagh had the whole pig in her stomach, and she could feel it still struggling within her gut. The feeling of live prey inside her was always a strangely comfortable sensation, and she had grown especially fond of feeling them actively writhe within her. While the pig tossed and turned in her belly, though, she still felt famished, and soon she found herself eating a second pig, this one causing a visible bulge to show on her underside. Onnagh could feel her stomach being distended at this point, but she still wanted even more to eat as her eyes quickly darted to another pig, this one still small but definitely bigger than the last two.
Before she knew it, Onnagh was swallowing pigs left and right, and the idiotic animals that weren’t being eaten certainly weren’t fleeing. Eventually Onnagh had a good ten pigs in her stomach, and she could feel her belly pressing against her legs as it stretched to contain them all. She was still hungry, though, and even the pleasing feeling of an overstretched tummy wasn’t enough to sate her.
More pigs went into her gullet as she locked onto bigger and bigger prey. Soon her underside was even grazing the ground from the mere size of the feast she was enjoying. However, she managed to eat more and more despite the slight hindrance as her gut commanded her to feast on everything in sight.
The only time Onnagh stopped her ravenous eating was when her belly pushed down enough to lift her hooves from the ground, effectively immobilizing her as she swallowed one more pig. A long, loud, and proud burp resounded from her lips as she whinnied in satisfaction, resting atop her pig-filled stomach and finally feeling full.
A couple hours later, Kayla was walking around to check on the farm animals when she saw the massive mare in her pig pen, causing her to gasp with surprise. Only a few pigs remained uneaten, and Onnagh had even managed to snag one more pig that had walked too close to the mare. Kayla was shocked at first to see that, even for such a large horse, Onnagh had eaten that big of a feast, but soon that surprise turned to anger as she realized she was missing a good thirty pigs. The dragon grumbled to herself as she stormed into the pen, intending to give Onnagh a firm scolding before even thinking about how she’d get the mare back into the barn.
Kayla circled around Onnagh’s body, still taking in her current size while Onnagh watched the dragon with a curious expression. The mare knew why Kayla seemed mad, but at the same time something in Onnagh’s mind told her that the mare needed to do something with Kayla while she was still in the pen. When Kayla stopped directly in front of Onnagh’s face, though, that task became clear as the mare tried her best to hide a sly smile.
Kayla began her ranting and raving, which caused the dragon to only become more furious as she became aware of further repercussions of losing so much livestock. Onnagh pretended to listen as she waited for the perfect moment to snag Kayla from the ground and gobble her up like another pig.
The dragon’s rant went on for a while, and a couple times Onnagh saw smoke come from her nostrils as she sighed heavily with anger. A couple attempts to nip at Kayla went unnoticed through the dragon’s fury, and she always stayed just far enough from the mare that Onnagh couldn’t reach her with her teeth.
Eventually even Onnagh became annoyed with the failed attempts at eating the farm owner, but as her stomach grumbled loudly, Kayla stopped in her tracks to face the mare.
She tilted her head with an expression that seemed to hold a mix of anger, confusion, and surprise. “You’re still hungry? After all those pigs?”
Onnagh whinnied and nodded, her feeling of fullness having faded after realizing there was another potential meal standing in front of her.
“Well… I don’t know what I could feed you. You ate a lot of my livestock, y’know.”
Another nod from Onnagh, yet the mare didn’t seem even the slightest bit guilty after what she had done. The urge to eat had been strong, and it still nagged at her mind as she wished she could still move.
“Hmm…” A grin slowly formed on Kayla’s face as she got an idea. “You wait right here, I’ll make SURE that belly o’ yours is full when I’m done with you!”
Kayla left the pen and went out of Onnagh’s sight, the mare unable to fully turn around due to her current position. However, she could clearly hear something being picked behind her from what she assumed was the crop field she had seen before. When Kayla came back, she came with a wheelbarrow full of corn, and her smile seemed to have grown even bigger.
“This oughta sate you. Now, open wide!” Kayla was holding some corn with a grin as she heard Onnagh’s stomach grumble at the sight of the food in front of the mare. Without realizing it, Onnagh happily opened her mouth wide and felt Kayla start shoving multiple cobs of corn into Onnagh’s mouth, barely giving her time to swallow before more corn was presented to the mare.
Over time, Onnagh’s belly slowly grew bigger and bigger as it was forcefully stuffed with corn. The mare could feel her skin tingle as it stretched further than it would stretch on even her larger feasts, and soon that tingling went from pleasing to uncomfortable as she realized Kayla had no intents on stopping the feeding session anytime soon. Onnagh suddenly didn’t feel so hungry as her previously-willing mouth had to be forced open by Kayla to shove more and more corn inside.
Eventually Onnagh was fighting off a food coma, but her will was strong as she refused to submit to the urge to sleep. She still had a single goal in mind, and at this point she was going to achieve it if it was the last thing she did.
When Kayla was forcing Onnagh’s mouth open another time, the mare suddenly leaned forward and clamped her mouth around Kayla’s arm. The dragon’s eyes widened as Onnagh began rearing her head back, lifting the farmer off of the ground before she started slurping down more of the dragon’s arm. Soon, Kayla was desperately pushing with her free hand against Onnagh, trying to stop herself from being devoured as Onnagh managed to keep pulling the dragon further and further.
Soon, Kayla’s shoulder was past the mare’s lips, and that was followed by her head. When Kayla’s head was fully within Onnagh’s mouth, the farmer’s struggles intensified when the dragon realized Onnagh was very serious about wanting to eat her. However, Onnagh’s efforts increased along with the struggles, and within a few moments Kayla found her other arm pinned to her side as gravity began aiding the horse that was slowly devouring her. Next up was Kayla’s middle, which easily went into the mare’s mouth as she kept on swallowing the dragon, determined to eat her whole rather than in pieces.
Kayla, despite being fully doomed to become horse blubber, kept kicking at the air, trying anything she could possibly do to slow her descent and give her time to do something, anything, to stop herself from being eaten. These efforts were futile, though, and it wasn’t long before Onnagh’s lips were at Kayla’s knees. A few more moments passed and Onnagh found herself slurping down the last of the farmer’s feet, pushing them into her belly with a final gulp as the farmer’s fate was sealed.
The effort it had taken to swallow the farmer had put quite the strain on Onnagh, and now she felt exceptionally tired as the pull of a food coma became much, much stronger. She found herself resting her head on top of her huge stomach as her eyelids became heavy, and soon they were closed as the horse began to snore…

A New Horse


5 November 2018 at 19:03:25 MST

Kayla brings back a new mare she managed to get, but things don't go as planned directly afterwards...

Done as my half of a trade with ShelbyTheSlug on FurAffinity ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/shelbytheslug )!

Onnagh owned by: ShelbyTheSlug
Kayla owned by: Me!

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