The Infected | Chapter 6 by chemgas650

Billy worked tirelessly at the cure, and using a sample from Sora's infected body seemed to be making things go extremely well. However, things seemed to have sped up on Sora's end as well.
The infected fox was losing more of his color, and fast, and he was rapidly moving from saying actual words to only speaking in moans and groans. Even these sounds were degrading, turning into something that sounded more like pained screams as his infection worsened. He became angry towards everything that moved, even snapping at Noiz once or twice when the purple fox tried to approach him. Billy did his best to ignore the worsening signals as he worked, as did Kura, Noiz, and Apollo, but Sora wasn't the only thing they could hear; the sounds of other foxes rustling through the leaves covering the ground were ever so slowly approaching the group.
“Billy, are you close to anything?” Apollo spoke fearfully, shivering as he watched the forest around him.
Billy responded with a frustrated tone. “I-I don't know! I may have something!”
The sounds of infected foxes groaning and moaning became audible from not too far away, and soon the group was talking of running and leaving Sora behind. Sora, of course, was very much against this idea, and was able to show his disapproval despite only speaking in moans and screams.
Eventually Billy let out agap, and all eyes went to him as he held up a syringe of bright red liquid. Billy was smiling with glee as he approached Sora cautiously, looking for an opening between the infected Fox's constant bites before finding one and jabbing and injecting the concoction.
In mere moments, Sora was calming down from his frenzied state, and then the color began to return as the infection within him was eradicated. However, that wasn't the end of things as the sounds of other infected foxes came ever closer. Kura quickly untied Sora's arms and caught him as he fell forward, exhausted, and soon everyone was running to the south, where the only opening seemed to be in the coming horde of infected Scarfoxes.
The group had a cure now, and the last part of the matter was trying to eradicate this infection once and for all. Doing that, however, was easier said than done...

The Infected | Chapter 6


20 October 2018 at 11:08:55 MDT

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