The Infected | Chapter 1 by chemgas650

A certain group of foxes sat around a campfire, all of them looking at the leaf-covered ground for the same reason; one of their members had recently been attacked and turned. Her name was Saiko, and she was one of the few Scarfoxes who still managed to bring some light into the world as it currently was. Even if she acted a little strange sometimes, she was an important part of their group, and losing her would hit them hard.
Around the campfire sat a total of five foxes, named Apollo, Kura, Sora, Noiz, and Billy. Between them, Apollo was the most affected by the event, as Saiko was a sibling to him. Apollo had white lower legs, with a ring of bright blue before being followed by gold-colored thighs and body. He had blue eyes with gold irises, although they were closed at the moment, his head was the color of gold, as were his ears, and he had a full head of white, flowing hair. Two white feathered wings sprouted from his lower back, although currently they were limp, like his golden tail. His long arms were mostly light blue, with stars on the backs of his hands and snowy white fingers to top them off.
Sitting left of Apollo was Kura. His body was mostly shades of blue, his legs fading from a dark to light blue as one moved towards his thighs. Said thighs were a dark blue on the outside, while his inner thighs were a very light blue. His stomach was light blue as well, followed by a paper white chest and dark blue sides. He wore a light purple jacket and a dark purple scarf, although it was somewhat tattered at the moment from a recent escape he had made. From his shoulders to the base of his fingers, the outer sides of his arms faded from purple to light blue, a pink star residing on the backs of his hands, while the inner side was simply white the whole way down. His fingers were the same dark blue as his outer thighs, and he had pink paw pads on his palms. His head was light blue on the bottom half and on the back, while the upper side of his head was dark blue. He had outer ears of varying shades of blue, and his inner ears were a light pink color. Although they were closed at the moment, he had bright blue eyes that, when open seemed to most often portray a smile.
Continuing to the left around the fire, the next fox was Sora. Sora was the most clothed out of all five foxes, not that it mattered between any of them. Sora wore dark blue sleeves that worked as shoes on his legs, which held light brown lower legs. His upper legs were also the same color, and his outer thighs too, but his inner thighs, stomach, and chest were a light cream color. His sides were more light brown, as was the top of his tail. The bottom of his tail was cream colored, and the tip of it was black. He wore a navy blue jacket that covered his chest and arms, and had a hood that he often didn’t bother wearing. Red jewels sat at the backs of his hands and on the center of his chest, an adornment of his jacket that stood out some. His head was mostly covered by shaggy, brown hair, although his chin was cream colored. The upper side of his face was light brown, much lighter than his hair but still covered by it. He had bright blue eyes, like the diamonds on his inner ears, and he wore a small crown on the back of his head. The outsides of his ears were light brown except for the tips, which were black, and what wasn’t the diamonds of his inner ears was cream colored.
Next to Sora was Noiz, who was leaning against Sora and resting their head on his shoulder. Noiz’s body was completely covered in fur, in addition to the normal fabric of a Scarfox. His lower legs were black, while his upper legs and thighs were a dark purple, with two green diamonds on his thighs. His inner thighs, along with his stomach, chest, and the bottom half of his face, were a brighter shade of purple. He had dark purple ears on the outside, while the insides were a bright green color, like the diamonds on his thighs. He wore a scarf with a toothy smile on it, which was otherwise a very, very dark purple. His arms were this same shade up to his fingers, and he had two large, bright green eyes on the backs of his hands. His fingers were only a slightly brighter shade of purple than that of his scarf, and he had bright green claws on the tips of them. A long, fluffy tail that sprouted from the back of Noiz’s waist was curled around Sora, the tail of which alternated between light and dark purple all the way down to the tip, which was a very bright green.
Lastly, there was Billy. Billy was mostly covered in thick, white fur, specifically on his legs, outer thighs, and on the backs of his hands. His inner thighs, stomach, and chest were black, and the inner sides of his arms were also black. Meanwhile, the outer sides of his arms were a plaid pattern of light blue and white, while his fingers were only white. His face was black, and the outsides of his ears were black, decorated with a few white diamond shapes. He had a tail as well, which consisted of many locks of long, thick fur sprouting from the bottom of his spine. His fur hadn’t been groomed in a long while, and was as such currently tied in numerous dreadlocks. Thick, white hair went between his ears and over his eyes, concealing a pair of glasses.
Between them, Kura was the first to speak after a few minutes of silence. Looking amongst the others, he turned to Apollo and spoke. “We’ll find a way to get her back.”
Apollo only sighed and shook his head. “I didn’t think there was an infected near the river… I swear, I didn’t mean to get her hurt!”
“We know, it wasn’t your fault.”
Billy chose to join in on the conversation, intending to comfort Apollo in his words. “I-if it’s any condolence, we’re getting closer to the cure every day…”
Apollo glared at Billy; the blue fox had been obsessing over the recent jumps in progress he had made in his research about a cure. When he spoke, his words were filled with anger. “Can you not focus on your cure for ONE day, Billy?! Saiko just turned, and the first thing you mention is that damn cure, and who knows how many times that is TODAY!”
Apollo put his head in his hands and took a deep breath, already starting to feel bad for snapping at the rather timid fox. Billy, on the other hand, was now leaning back slightly, surprised at the sudden outburst and somewhat scared of what would happen if he spoke again. He almost did say something, but ultimately decided against it as he looked back towards the ground.
Apollo was quick with an apology. “I-I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to snap like that, it’s just… Saiko was really important to me.”
Sora tried to lighten the mood by putting in his own words. “At least we’re fine, we just need to pay more attention next time, right?”
Billy and Kura simultaneously shot disapproving looks towards Sora, and he slouched slightly as what was previously a slight smile quickly turned to a nervous frown. Noiz, in the meantime, stayed as they were, leaning against Sora with nothing to say.

The Infected | Chapter 1


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