Smiles! by chemgas650

The pink-furred creature roamed the plaza with a smile on its face, happy to be out on such a nice day. Despite visibly having only flowers under the transparent visor on Sweet Tooth’s face, he could perfectly well see the world around him. He had the body structure of a raptor, except with four arms that were covered in pink and white fur. Happy and upbeat music played from the speakers on his thighs, and a long tail swayed behind him with feathers at its end.

Hidden in the fur of that tail was a compartment filled with small orbs, each of them holding what could be given out as a “large” prize at a carnival game. He greeted many furs as they passed, happily passing a few of them an orb that came from a slot in his hand, these ones holding “medium” prizes. However, when he came across a young wolf, he couldn't help but feel sorry for the crying child. It was looking into the sky at a balloon it had lost, watching it float away helplessly in the wind. Wanting to put a smile on the kid's face, a ball rolled out of the compartment in Sweet Tooth’s tail, which the raptor grabbed and handed to the child. When the child saw his gift, he quickly cheered up and thanked him, at which Sweet Tooth nodded and continued on his walk, happy to put another smile on someone's face.



11 September 2018 at 14:59:04 MDT

A commission I did for CottonCandyFloof on DeviantArt!

Sweet Tooth owned by: CottonCandyFloof: (

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