The Infected | Prologue by chemgas650

Everything that happened came without warning. A Scarfox, devoid of all color, came ambling through the streets, grimacing as if he was in massive pain. Judging by his markings in shades of grey, the fox was one known as Tohoka. The bottom two thirds of his legs were white, and went into a black color for his outer thighs, sides, and most of his arms. His chest, inner thighs, and the bottom half of his face was white, while the upper half of his face was also black. He had black outer ears and white inners, but the normally-purple diamonds on his inner ears were a light shade of grey. His eyes, closed, were also grey, and some normally purple locks of hair flowed from his shoulders, devoid of their color and now grey. His long, fluffy tail now had fur falling from it, and was light grey like everything else that was once purple. Even the lantern, which hung from a ring on his tail, now emitted a grey light. The eyes on the backs of his hands were grey, and his normally-purple fingers, along with his gold claws, were all varying shades of grey.
When another fox, this one a black, red, and gold businessman known as Nikita, to help it, Tohoka suddenly snapped at him, attacking Nikita quickly before going crazy and rushing at every other fox it saw. Meanwhile, Nikita began to succumb to his own fits of rage, losing his color first from their hair and then down their bodies towards the bottoms of their legs, until they had lost all color completely. Then, when they managed to stand back up, he let out a shrill scream before losing himself completely, doing the same as Tohoka and looking for anything to attack.
Whatever it was, it spread fast, soon affecting many foxes before anyone truly realized what was happening. Pure panic ensued, and everyone began to run anywhere they could. Friends left behind friends, enemies threw enemies at what are now known as “the infected.” Only a handful of foxes got away, and now almost three years have passed since the first fox came and started everything. Now, groups of foxes are sporadic, surviving wherever they can while trying to find a cure to whatever corruption had come to the land…

The Infected | Prologue


9 September 2018 at 14:15:58 MDT

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