"Horsie" - by Mehenartwork by charryzarry

"Horsie" - by Mehenartwork


21 March 2014 at 23:02:53 MDT

Art by user:mehenartwork

After his old master's sudden disappearance, a strange young Worgen came into possession of the deathcharger's summoning trinket. He refused to believe such a frail and curious creature could have bested his previous owner, certainly his old master was far more powerful than this.

It was fairly humiliating, but she was his new master now, whether he liked it or not. She made him don strange clothes that earned him odd looks. It wasn't that he had any need for society, food, or shelter, but the mortals he passed by did not fear or revere him as they used to.

She often went exploring, and he was the one to take her where she wanted to go on his back. On occasion, she would jump down and examine things more closely while he watched her from a short distance, but never out of sight.

During one such occasion in the Jade Forest, she yelped lightly while examining some bushes.

"Mr. Horsie, help!"

He came running. "Yes, master?"

"This hurts..." she whimpered, pointing to a spot on her thigh.

He peered at it. "I don't see anything".

"Right here" she insisted, pointing again.

After careful inspection, she had a scrape there, barely breaking the skin.

He resisted rolling his eyes. "I will make it all better, master."

He was briefly annoyed by the insignificance of the task given. Being needed gave him purpose again; she took him everywhere. His old master hardly gave him a glance, as he was not the best steed his previous owner had to choose from by any stretch..

But was he needed? After all, one way or another this Worgen had wrested him from his old master. He pondered that for a time, while cautiously applying the small bandage his owner seemingly depended upon. He knew she would wince if he accidentally touched the sensitive area.

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