Skippy Skupple (ColorBase) by Charrio

Skippy Skupple (ColorBase)


9 November 2014 at 13:04:35 MST

One of the Original Skupples breed from the TV Show, Skupples like him were sold as pets and children's companions.

Roxie not sure what to make of her new pet and companion. Soon becoming inseparable the two were best friends until Roxie hit the age of 11, Skippy passed on then.

Skupples having a short lifespan when first introduced didn't live too long, being a genetic construct it was a security feature. Roxie was heart broken when Skippy died and changed as a person, becoming a bit more withdrawn.

Not being able to allow herself to replace her loved companion which was like a little brother to her, made the idea impossible to think.

This was the main reason Skupples were given a much longer lifespan, people bonded so closely it was too hard to take for most. Skupple also bonded as well, many dying when their master died or abandoned them. Just giving up and letting go, the little guys could actually die from a broken heart.

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Scott has a Nickname, Skippy

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