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The Golden Troupe


29 March 2019 at 15:52:19 MDT

Way back into 2013, on a forum I can't remember or find again, there was a "draw yourself as a fantasy character" challenge and I came up with this. I merged all of my favourite things together into one image: belly dance, falconry, golden eagles, horses, saluki dogs and cheetahs. Just your average run of the mill mundane interests, really.

Over time, I kept coming back to this image and I still really like it, even though 2013 was more than "just a couple years ago" now, apparently. This year, I finally decided to do something about it and a whole comic idea sprouted up with all these guys interacting together in their own way. The saluki's name is Qui after a real life saluki I knew in Norway back when I lived there and the cheetah's name is Rioxia. The mare, Aspa, hates the eagle named Morgh and and the feeling is mutual. Qui thinks ill of Rioxia and Rioxia is kind of a big goober who just wants to play with everyone, especially the eagle- but guess who doesn't feel the same way back? ;D There's me in the middle, somehow keeping them all in line, haha... I drew me because it was a prompt for a self portrait, but I'm keeping the look as a part of a bigger overall plot that I won't spoil here.
The premise is based on this feeling I've had my whole life where I have had a strangely strong connection to ancient Persian culture. From Arabian horses when I was in 3rd grade, salukis in 6th, cheetahs in 11th, belly dance and falconry in my 20's... Even little things that I gravitate toward like the Phoenix myth and paisley all can find roots in ancient Persian culture. It's been interesting seeing how all of these seemingly varied interests tie back to a common root.

If you're interested in more and want to see behind the scenes updates, you can check out my Patreon:

I've been uploading concept images there the most and will be releasing comic updates WAAAAY before any other place on the internet :D For only $1/mo, you get all the comic updates and behind-the-scenes WIP's!

If you do decide to support this project, thank you SO much! I appreciate every like, comment and patron I receive. <3 you guys!!!

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    And the theme music pulled from Indiana Jones.

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      I definitely plan on using a lot of music for this project! :D Loves me some movie soundtracks <3