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Father's Secrets (by NazzNikoNanuke) by Charlie_kit

Father's Secrets (by NazzNikoNanuke)


This is a commission by NazzNikoNanuke of the leopard Sampson Burundi and his son Kyle Burundi from "Not Quite Elementary." If you want to read the story, you'll have to hop over to IB (it has more mischief than most sites can handle, so fair warning).

Kyle Burundi is the son of Kyle Burundi, a leopard and Rosalyn Burundi, a snow leopardess. How can that be? It's a very complicated and tragic story as you see, Kyle and his sister Jessie share the same father, but have different mothers. They were conceived and born at the same time though Kyle's biological mother passed away in a car accident just after he was born.

In this particular scene from Chapter 5 - "Dad's Secrets," Sampson was in charge of taking Kyle to the doctor after Kyle had came out to his dad about having problems staying dry. To help Kyle acclimate himself to his new needs, Sampson decided to show him a special album from his earlier days. Sampson had a big secret of his own - he was a diaperfur and an ageplayer himself. He was showing his kitten that he wasn't alone in his needs (his sister had similar problems, too). However, as they went through the album, memories that Sampson had tried his hardest to suppress started to return. Those secrets would have a big effect on the family dynamics of the Burundi family as well as some dark secrets beyond Sampson's diaper and cub tendencies.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Sampson and Kyle (c) Charlie_kit
artwork (c) NazzNikoNanuke

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