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Melanie's Diary (by Popsicles) by Charlie_kit

Melanie's Diary (by Popsicles)


This is a commission by Popsicles of my character Melanie Silverleaf, one of the protagonists of a story I am working on called "Not Quiet Elementary." If you want to read the story, you'll have to hop over to IB (it had more mischief than most sites can handle, so fair warning).

Melanie Silverleaf was the big sister, only by one year, but she was the big sister. While her mom was a pure red fox, her dad Kendrick Silverleaf was a "mutt" fox (mostly cross fox, but with a little black fox mixed in for good measure). The only thing she got from her mother was her eye color...and maybe just a little bossiness (though it's tempered because of her strong instinct to take care of her little brother). Like her little brother, she is extremely intelligent for her age and had her fair share of potty troubles. Thankfully what their mom lacked in parenting skills (or the desire to be a mother), Kendrick more than made up for it. After a painful divorce (for him, his ex couldn't care less), Kendrick made sure each kit had a nursery and a big playroom for the two.

This particular scene is from Chapter 2 - "Mel's Diary" where Melanie is writing down her thoughts in her diary, and boy, Melanie doesn't hold back on what she's thinking. In fact the discovery of her diary by her brother starts them on a very interesting journey.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Melanie Silverleaf (c) Charlie_kit
artwork (c) Popsicles

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