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Loving Like There's More (by Diapered_buns) by Charlie_kit

Loving Like There's More (by Diapered_buns)


28 May 2016 at 09:04:19 MDT

This is a commission by Diapered_buns of Charlie with Aina sharing lots of tender moments together...and pretending they are gonna make her big brother worry.

Aina gently petted her chest as she looked up at Charlie, cooing softly as she wiggled in her bed.

"Gonna join me, Charlie?" Aina smiled softly as she watched him blush. The two had a very interesting relationship - they were best friends. At the same time though, they both knew there was a little more to it. They both did want more, but Charlie was faithful to his vixens and wasn't sure if they'd be comfortable. Aina wanted Charlie to share her special gift of kitsune-hood with him and to be with him. It was mutually frustrating for the two of them. On the other hand, they enjoyed acting like they were going to go steady together as it drove her big brother Kenshin nuts (everytime Charlie visited he spent more time with Aina than he did him).

"Why didn't you say so, little kitsu-kit?" Charlie teased as he climbed in next to her, "You know you're such a pretty maiden, right?"

"I do," Aina cooed softly as she ruffled Charlie's hair, "I just wish you'd like me be yours." Charlie blushed as she nuzzled his cheek and rubbed noses.

"Aina," Charlie blushed as the two gazed into each other, "You know I don't want to make the others jealous if I became your kitsune. If I do, I want them to be ready, too." Aina blushed as she licked his nose.

"I know," Aina sighed softly, "It's just..."

"You want to share all of you with me," Charlie noddled as Aina leaned him into her big pink pillow, wrapping her arms around him.

"I do Charlie," Aina smiled, "Things just feel different when I'm with's like I can open up whenever with you."

"Shh..." Charlie whispered, "show me, Aina dear. Show me how you open up to me." As Charlie whispered, Aina cooed and slowly kissed her cute neighbor, her tails wagging happily as the two clung to each other.

"I wonder how long before my brothers and folks come to take a peek at us?" Aina mused as she cooed and sung to Charlie softly as they rubbed noses and tightly cuddled to each other. Charlie just let her press him into her pillow as she softly cuddled and rubbed up against him, licking his nose.

"And you get after me when Persephone and I get amorous!" Kenshin whined as he saw the two share their feelings together.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Charlie and Aina (c) Charlie_kit
artwork (c) Diapered_buns

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