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When a Dog Needs a New Collar... - by Flame & CyrilPanda by Charem

When a Dog Needs a New Collar... - by Flame & CyrilPanda


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Puppos should always be able to wear a nice collar. It's the most common fashion statement a feral can wear, after all~ I've had my black leather, metal-studded collar for ages...heck, it pre-dates me even being a dog! But even though I cherish it, I do have to take it off now and then...such as for baths, or, yes...when I'm feeling particularly gluttonous~

See, if you REALLY wanna shovel down a whole bunch of big, squirming prey, a collar can sometimes get in the way and keep your throat from bulging faaaar outward as you make those mighty swallows! So yeah, I take it off for this reason now and then...but alas! This time, so wrapped up in my voracious bliss and the wonderful pleasure of my dragging, bouncing belly, I wandered off without my neck-adornment! What a problem; I had tossed it off so quickly and carelessly too, to have time to pounce my feast of a meal, that I simply don't know where I left it now!

I'll find it at some point, certainly; but in the meantime, I needed a replacement. I felt rather naked without something snuggling my neck... How fortunate then that I came upon an anthro panda adorned with a lovely blue, buckled collar! Anthros wearing collars are not as common as ferals doing the same, so I considered myself lucky...and immediately pounced on the opportunity. ...And the panda, for that matter~

Oh, certainly, it's a bit tricky leaping into the air with two times your own body weight of prey stuffed inside your belly...but if you can manage it, you can pin pretty much ANYTHING~ The panda was no exception to this rule, and, haplessly trapped under my gut, I took my time carefully unbuckling that lovely collar of his~ I could have adorned it right then and there, but...well, I went to all this work, so...! GLOMP~! The panda was a fluffy panda indeed; eating him was almost like eating cotton candy. Such a long tail and such smooth, downy fur! Oh yes; I was more than fed already, but I can't help it; I just get all hungry again the moment I pounce anything! That predatorial vibe just has to be followed through, even if it did make my stomach feel like it was gonna burst... <3

(Hey - red pandas are also called red bear-cats, and as a dog I am contractually obligated to eat anything with 'cat' in its name!)

Before long I had the struggling panda almost fully consumed, even having managed to down that ginormous tail!...but there were still those soft, black, padded feets to go~ Ahh, head-first oral meals always end in such a nice cute dessert like this. I do like to savor my meals...well, I took the opportunity to lick, lap, and lightly chew on those ebony soles as I retrieved the previously-pand-worn collar from the ground. Ah-ha, I wasn't about to forget about a second collar~ With the red panda this consumed, it was no trouble nor inconvenience to slip his collar around my neck, buckling it a bit tightly seeing as my neck was still currently bulged by his legs. Ahh, that was a comfortable collar...and I was sure he could feel the extra constriction around his calves. I hope he appreciated I didn't just swallow down his collar with the rest of him; it'd be a shame to melt away such a nice collar. <3

Glup, glup, guuuulp~ I finished my meal then, lapping around his toes and nibbling at his pads as they slipped past my palate, and down my slobbery gullet~ I could hear him eep and roll as he collected into my stomach, eliciting more noises from the other prey in the already-cramped space as they all tried to arrange themselves best they could~ With luck, the pand appreciated the new friends I was introducing him to! I did hope they would all get along, since they'd all be mingling together as flab on my body soon enough...

Oh, who am I kidding? EVERYBODY loves being my flab, so I'm sure they'd become the best of friends~ ;3

Ahhh this image~ ^_^ Flame drew it a while back, and then cyrilpanda cyrilpanda kindly colored it! Cyril also is the collar-providing black-feeted meal of this, if you couldn't tell~ :3 ...In fact, I couldn't tell at first! When Flame first drew this image, I thought I was just having some random prey. It took Cyril pointing out that what I was wearing was not my usual collar, but in fact, Cyril's collar. Then it made a lot more sense! Cyril then chose to color it, and that makes this all stand out a whole lot better. And now the pic looks way better too! ^^

Seriously, this is a great image~ That gut of mine is so huge and desirable~ <3 Happy dog...!