A Lazy Ride at Dusk on Dusk - by NimbusTheMix by Charem

A Lazy Ride at Dusk on Dusk - by NimbusTheMix


14 September 2017 at 08:41:14 MDT

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When the sun starts setting, night's on the way! Shadoxes like me are all about the night - but until it comes, we can be pretty lazy... (Well okay, we're always lazy, but we're PARTICULARLY-lazy when it's not night!) Dusk is an exciting time for us since night is just over the horizon, but that orange sky and sinking sun make us feel even lazier than normal until the moon pops out...

What's an unmotivated 'Dox to do? Maybe, get a ride around...? But dusk is an awkward time for most creatures; daytime creatures are settling down, nighttime creatures are just waking up...nobody's got any energy! Almost nobody...

Except...well, lucky me, there is somebody I can call~ Gerard the Dusk Lycanroc! There's not a lot of time in the day that this rock-doggo can call his own - dusk isn't a long period of time after all - but he makes the most of it when it comes around. It's a short but beautiful time of day, so he often enjoys going for a nice walk through the sunset fields...and he enjoys walking with a friend too! Even if said friend is too lazy to walk himself...how nice~ <3

I'm a fat pupper, pretty heavy to be sure, but Gerard's big and strong - and especially strong during his special time period, at that. I'm no more a bother to him than a big, fluffy blanket; which isn't much of a bother at all on a cold dusk evening. So kind of him to be my 'steed' for a while! Maybe it's not MY time of the day, but I have to agree with him; it's pretty lovely to explore at dusk~

This was a lovely little request that nimbusthemix nimbusthemix did for me! I was wanting to get involved in a pic of Lycanroc Dusk, and he happened to have his own Duskie, Gerard. I asked if we could pair up in a picture together and he came up with this Shadox-appropriately-lazy result. ^^ Rock-doggos are very strong doggos, so they're very nice as steeds!

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    Aww, thanks! And yes, Gerard LOVES to go out and take walks during the end of the day while he can~<3

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      That's me irl honestly, hehe! It's a good time to go out, it's pretty and the hustle and bustle is starting to settle down~