Charmander's Conniving Cakeplan - by EragonEater by Charem

Charmander's Conniving Cakeplan - by EragonEater


11 August 2017 at 16:04:04 MDT

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While all birthday gifts are lovely, there is no gift to have like your mate~ Maybe that's a little bit mushy, but Eragon sure took it to heart - and literally! Baking himself into a cake is no trouble at all when you're a fire-type, and so he happily stuffed himself inside my cake~

Did he expect to pop out and surprise me? Or did he know I wouldn't let a delicious-wonderful-triple-chocolate-cake like that last long enough for him to get the chance?~ Of course I wasted no time GULPING the whole cake down...accidentally stomaching my mate along with all the sugary bread and icing.

Yes, 'accidentally'... ...Hehehe, not really. It's hard not to notice a bright-orange lizard half-sticking out of your dessert, especially with that flaming tail waggling around because he was so excited! Oh, I don't think he minds my hungry intent though; that tail flicked and flickered all the faster as I slurped cake and Char down with a greedy swallow~

Love you, snacky-dear~ URRP

This was a very cute picture  EragonEater, my boyfriend, drew for my birthday in July. <3 It's too sweet! And not just because of all the sugar~

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